Why You Should Switch to Epub For Reading Text-heavy Content

Some advantages of using Epub and similar formats:

In EPUB the text is reflowed so that it can fit any screen size. It makes the content easier to read since you don’t need zoom in or out.
The reader can choose the font family, font size, margin, line spacing, indent etc. Since these parameters are dependent on reader’s taste and the size of device screen, it is very convinient to be able to modify them. Needless to say, this is a huge advantage over fixed formats like PDF.

For large books EPUB can be very handy, as the content can be split into multiple parts inside the EPUB file. So, for example, if you want to read Chapter 1 of a book, your device does not need to load the entire book. This can effectively eliminate any lag.

Unlike PDF, EPUB is an open format, so there are no limitations to creating and editing. There are quite a few safe open source softwares available that can easily create, edit and read EPUB files.

Epub is probably the most versatile format you can ever get. Meaning, you can convert it to any other format (e.g. mobi, azqw3) WITHOUT messing up formatting. Yes, you can convert it to nice pdf too.


>How do I read this?

1. For pc, the best option is to use calibre. That application can do pretty much everything you need. Sigil is also good for creating and editing epubs.

2. For iOS, the iBook app (published by apple) is pretty good.

3. Android apps:

  • Moon+Reader is great, a lot of options for customization is available, very few ads in the free version. It also has vertical scroll reading, which many other android apps lack. I’d recommend supporting the devs for making such a great app. I’m currently using it after having tried a lot of other apps.
  • FBreader works okay too, but it doesn’t have the vertical scroll reading, only the page by page reading. It also has some formatting issues.
  • Google Play can also be used, but making it’s not very user friendly, so I only use it for books from Play Store.

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