Just a random guy who likes to read novels and manga. I used to watch anime a lot but now I feel very tired when I watch any tv shows. I don’t even play any video games anymore because it makes it’s too tiresome and complete waste of time.

My most frequently used username is Toshiya, 10777

I think I will try to regularly post about what I read, but it won’t anything organized like a review. Rather, it will more along the lines of “This is what I thought when I read this book’.

You may want to check out the recent posts or just try to search for a post using the tags or keywords!

The purpose of this site is… to increase ebenis?
Jk. I just want people to have nice book to read. Since pdfs are so popular, a lot of people are unaware that a much better and user friendly format exists for reading books. And even less people know how to make them. So I thought I’d do my part in encouraging people to use ePubs.

I just want to curl up and pass out.