Totally not dead… owo

I just kind of lost track of the stuff I’m doing. Although I’m pretty sure that I have most of the series up to date, let me know if something needs to be updated since it’s nearly impossible to keep track of everything happening on the internet.

Also, join the discord channel. That’s where I’m most active now… until I move to the next newest coolest thing or simply move back to here…

I’ll try to construct a monthly report of the ebooks I made on February-May. I recently updated my offline backups, judging by how much stuff I had to copy and delete, there’s probably been a lot.



Update on state of site

Update: I made a separate Discord server for this site and for sharing epubs, because the other server is pretty big and I don’t maintain it anymore (due to lack of time etc). Also because I don’t really want to turn this into an aggregator site.

…Please say something when you join.

Old theme is back!

It might not look as “sleek” as before, but I find it much more easier to navigate.


Also, new epubs:

Masou Gakuen vol 9 translated by Bakapervert
Leviathan of the covenant vol 7 translated by Zzhk

I’ll make posts for them later™.

Save yourself from malicious sites and annoyances \o/

I made a GitHub repository with a list of malicious sites, trackers and other various annoyances I encountered on the web. Blocking ad sites whitelisted by sold out filter list maintainers is also one of my objectives.

Instructions on how to use it is explained in the file.

Good luck and stay safe.


New Theme…

How does this new theme look? (Hemingway Rewritten Theme)
Heh. I was trying out some new themes because the old one was glitching and when I decided that I’ll stick to the old one, I found that the old one actually had glitches and was discontinued as a result. So, we’re stuck with this.

Let me know if you have suggestions for a new theme.

Added Some Light Novel Download Links

Uploaded some of the novels I’ve read or plan to read soon.

I’m uploading non-licensed only ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Check out the Light Novels page for links.

Check the Baka-Tsuki thread too.


Currently the site is a bit of a mess, so I’d suggest using the search option or the categories and tag column to navigate.

Why You Should Switch to Epub For Reading Text-heavy Content

Some advantages of using Epub and similar formats:

In EPUB the text is reflowed so that it can fit any screen size. It makes the content easier to read since you don’t need zoom in or out.
The reader can choose the font family, font size, margin, line spacing, indent etc. Since these parameters are dependent on reader’s taste and the size of device screen, it is very convinient to be able to modify them. Needless to say, this is a huge advantage over fixed formats like PDF.

For large books EPUB can be very handy, as the content can be split into multiple parts inside the EPUB file. So, for example, if you want to read Chapter 1 of a book, your device does not need to load the entire book. This can effectively eliminate any lag.

Unlike PDF, EPUB is an open format, so there are no limitations to creating and editing. There are quite a few safe open source softwares available that can easily create, edit and read EPUB files.

Epub is probably the most versatile format you can ever get. Meaning, you can convert it to any other format (e.g. mobi, azqw3) WITHOUT messing up formatting. Yes, you can convert it to nice pdf too.


>How do I read this?

1. For pc, the best option is to use calibre. That application can do pretty much everything you need. Sigil is also good for creating and editing epubs.

2. For iOS, the iBook app (published by apple) is pretty good.

3. Android apps:

  • Moon+Reader is great, a lot of options for customization is available, very few ads in the free version. It also has vertical scroll reading, which many other android apps lack. I’d recommend supporting the devs for making such a great app. I’m currently using it after having tried a lot of other apps.
  • FBreader works okay too, but it doesn’t have the vertical scroll reading, only the page by page reading. It also has some formatting issues.
  • Google Play can also be used, but making it’s not very user friendly, so I only use it for books from Play Store.

Reading Zero no Tsukaima

I have started reading Zero no Tsukaima from Baka-Tsuki (the epubs are available at bte-gen) and I must say, the translation quality and overall grammar and language is very good.
The series starts with the very cliche “summoning accident” but the characters make it very enjoyable. Saito, the mc, is pretty good at handling new situation as seen by how easily he gets used to the new world but somehow this fuking guy never learns that needless provoking others will just needlessly make your life harder, especially the person is in a higher position than you. Well, I guess 80% of the troubles he faces are due to his balls of steel.
I’ve already watched the entireity of anime and the light novel is turning out to be as good as I had expected. Awesome series!

Reading List

I have finished reading the main series of Toaru Majutsu no Index and currently reading the side stories. So, I was thinking I should make a list of light novels I’m currently reading and the ones I’ll read in the future. Otherwise there’s a very good chance I’ll forget and spend weeks figuring out what to do with my life.

Here’s the current reading plan:
1. Toaru Majutsu no Index  Side Stories
2. Zero no Tsukaima
3. Gifting
4. Heavy Object
5. Hai to Gensou no Grimgar
6. Boo Boo
7. Blood Sign

Waiting for Updates:
1. New Testament
2. Zashiki Warashi
3. Hidan no Aria
4. Clockwork Planet

1.  A Simple Survey
2. Hakomari
3. Kyoukai Senzou no Horizon
4. Fate/Zero
5. Mondaiji
6. No Game No Life
7. Only Sense Online
8. Mushoku Tensei
9. Baka Test
10. Oregairu (on hold@vol 8)
11. Silver Cross and Dracula (on hold@ vol 4)
12. Sword Art Online
13. Psycome (on hold@vol 4)
14. Overlord
15. Gate- Jietai
16. Kore wa Zombie Desu-ka
17. Altina
18. Campione (on hold@vol 2)
19. Highschool DxD
20. Tasogare-iro no Uta Tsukai

Finished/TL ended:
1. Toaru Majutsu no Index

It’d awesome if Hidan no Aria gets updated. I’ve been waiting for years.


If there is a light novel you need the ePub of, I can help you with that. Although since I opt to manually grabbing the content and throw them in a epub format, you should really look for one by yourself. Only if you can’t find it by yourself, give me the source link and I’ll make it for you. What do I gain from this you ask? Well, in the process of making the epub of the light novels I can potentially stumble across new, fairly good series and source to read them from. So, it helps me too.

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